Five Ways to Improve Your Writing

Writing is both technical and personal. Among the many fields of art, writing is perhaps the most expressive though this does not necessarily mean it is the most explicit, as literary works are also oftentimes vague, leaving the reader to use their imagination. You don’t have to be a literary genius to be a good writer and always keep in mind that literary works always have room for improvement and will not necessarily satisfy all audiences. If want to seriously consider writing, be it for a living or simply as a hobby, there are some important tips that you can use to guide you in improving the way you write. Below are some useful tips on how you can write better:

Read, Read, and Read

Many great writers are avid fans of reading. While there is a tendency for writers to be influenced by the writing styles of their favorite authors, reading is a crucial aspect of learning to write well and good. Writing style can be developed later on and reading can certainly help you decide on what type of writing you would like to specialize on.

Choose or Determine Your Audience

Once you start writing for the public's view, it is important to target a specific audience. Always keep in mind that you cannot please everyone who reads your work so it is best to choose a particular audience and write for them. If you know who your audience is, it would be easier for you to write in a manner that your audience can easily relate to and on topics that would be of interest to them.

Write in the Active Voice

For a literary work to be engaging, make it a point to write in the active voice rather than passive. Always try to write in the present tense, as this will make your readers feel like they are a part of your work rather than an outsider.

Write with Simplicity

A common misconception among many people is that being a good writer means using big words all the time. Write simply and your work will be of interest to more people. No one really wants to read an article or a story filled with nothing else but strings of complicated words arranged to look like sentences. Writing direct sales tips with simplicity also means being clear when you have to. Be clear and concise and try not to confuse your audience especially if your purpose is to inform and not to puzzle or leave them thinking afterwards.

Be Open to Criticism

Developing your skills as a writer requires keeping an open mind to criticism. Never take criticism personally, especially when it is meant to be constructive and not destructive. While not all criticism will be offered generously to improve your writing, you have to know when to accept it and when to just let it pass. Look for an editor who you can trust and who you respect and be open to comments, both good and bad, as these are always meant to improve your work.

Writing need not be complicated, though you have to have a good command of language and grammar to be able to write properly, it is not always technical. Take the time to write for yourself from time to time and write about the things you enjoy. Even professional direct sales articles need an occasional break from the complexities of writing and just write as they wish.

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